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Big Game and Mammals:
1.)  Cool or freeze as soon as possible. The hide or fur begins to deteriorate immediately.
2.)  Do not leave the animal on its side in the bed of a pick-up truck!!
3.)  Keep our of the sun.
4.)  Never wash or wet down the fur or hide. Water increases hair slippage.
5.)  Never slit the throat.
6.)  Never hang ropes around the neck.
7.)  Do not drag an animal if you plan to have it mounted.
8.) When field dressing, stop cutting when you hit the brisket.
9.)  Never cut in the arm pits - tube as far as possible and cut off at the base of the neck - or Contact us as soon as you are able to.
10.)  Finally contact your taxidermist as soon as you can.

1.)  Handle gently to avoid scale or fin damage.
2.)  Do not keep on a stringer or in a fish basket.
3.)  Rinse blood and slime off the fish.
4.) Keep wet at all times to avoid drying out the fins!
5.)  Take plenty of photographs.
6.)  Wrap in a wet towel and freeze in a plastic bag.
7.)  Label and date.

1.)  Select only mature birds in full plumage.
2.)  Avoid rough handling.
3.)  Remove field debris such as leaves or grass.
4.)  Wipe or rinse with cold water the blood/fluids off of the bird.
5.)  Cool as soon as possible and avoid laying bird in the sun.
6.)  Place the head alongside the body and wrap in 2-3 sheets of newspaper. Place in a plastic bag and freeze. 
7.)  Label and date.


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